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We are Massive Collabs, an Artist & Creative Business Developement Agency. We believe in young, talented artists with a passion for the creativity they have. We believe in dreamers. The people who are ready and determined to give everything they have to became successful. Passion and dreams, thats where it all starts for us. 

Our main reason is to let you grow as an artist. That’s all we want. We will fix your image, we will help you to get a professional brand and we will increase your range. We are not the same as your average Artist Agency, because we work together. With you. As a team. We have many different services we do together with our artists, to let them make name for themselfs in the Creative Business. 

The things we do:

  • Artist Management: We take care of your business contacts, including interested parties such as other artists, booking offices or platforms. You will have your own manager who’s working together with you. We will be your contact for B2B inquiries and we will help you to get the best deal. 
  • Sales: We will do your sales. So from now on, you finally could get paid for the artistic things you do. In the industry, it’s very common to do things for free. Now, that will be over. It’s time to step up your game and get paid. 
  • Branding: We are specialists in creating an unique brand. We will help you to find your Unique Selling Points, in the form of creating personalized Live-acts and your own designs. When you work together with Massive Collabs, you will see that your brand will be different than many others. 
  • Marketing: Massive Collabs will help you grow. We are there to make a personalized Marketing strategy that precisely fits with what you want. We work with our own Online Marketing Strategy, that will give you more streams and views. Secondly, we work with our Social Media Strategy to get more following on your own socials. 

When you are a partner of Massive Collabs, you get the whole package. Massive Collabs is your #1 partner for Artist Management, Sales, Branding & Marketing. We are active for different artists & organizations in Music, Fashion, Media, Events & Many More. 

Do you have what it takes? And are you passionate about the things you create? Get in touch with us now! Send us your portfolio & demos and maybe, you will hear from us. 

Morgan HoogstedenOwner Massive Collabs

”Massive Collabs is an organization for dreamers. Creative people who has a dream to become bigger. A passion for music, fashion, media or something else. Massive Collabs is there for you. We believe in passion. We believe in real creativity. We believe in you.”


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